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Writing Courses

Writing Courses


Do you want to write?  Are you having problems finding the right format, or do you just need a bit of confidence to get started?  

From July 2015, I’ll be running workshops in practical writing.  If you want to start a blog, plan your non-fiction masterpiece or simply get quicker at composing emails at work, then come and join me for an expedition into the world of print.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been scribbling professionally for a decade or only just sat down at the laptop – whatever your level, the aim is to get you to relish the sight of a fresh blank page.  

Each course will have no more than five students and will be held at an inspiring venue in Herefordshire.  There’ll be some juicy, thought-provoking exercises, a good lunch, and plenty of individual input.  Workshops will run from 11am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon with an hour for lunch, and the cost per person is £75.  The next workshops will be on 31st October and 28th November 2015.

I’m also beginning to plan writing workshops for children.  They’ll be available in half terms and the school holidays, and will probably involving me travelling to you.  If you’re interested, let me know – costs and dates TBC.  Please email me at bella@bellabathurst.com for enquiries or bookings.