Phoenix Necklace

The Phoenix Necklace. Made from *white metal chain and the currency of as many different countries as I could muster, including a five-drachma coin from 1930′s Greece, an East African shilling and a lucky British sixpence.

Every one of these necklaces is custom-made to a client’s specifications; you tell me what you’d like, and I’ll do my best to come up with something that looks magnificent and tells your story. They’re like very grown-up, powerful charm bracelets.

Prices: Please contact me for details.

*Because a lot of my jewellery incorporates vintage pieces as well as precious metal, it cannot be hallmarked in the normal way. If there are several metals in a single piece and thus any potential for misidentification of those metals then even if parts of that piece are made from silver, gold or platinum, it can only be stamped with a maker’s mark, not a full hallmark. So the chain on this necklace looks like silver, works like silver, was described by the wholesalers as sterling silver and is priced as silver, but must legally be described as *white metal.